Opioid PSA videos on city website


The City of Bristol opioid task force PSA videos are now live on the City of Bristol website. The series of 13 videos features local families and focuses on the toll addiction takes on the individual, their families, first responders, the hospital, and the community in general.

“The hope is that these videos will help those in crisis and provide an avenue to seek recovery and to take away the stigma associated with addiction,” said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu in a press release.

In addition to the videos, the City of Bristol Recovery Alliance began on Nov. 1. The police department now has the discretion to refer people to the emergency room to determine a treatment path. The ER now has recovery coaches in place—via a grant, that will assist in placing people who are ready to conquer their alcohol or substance abuse issue. By doing so, they can avoid court proceedings and potential jail time.

“We have created a safe zone to foster an opportunity for people to get help and beat this opioid problem which often times can lead to a heroin problem,” said Police Chief Brian Gould in a press release.

The city council voted to become a “recovery friendly community” last April, and these initiatives are part of that transition.


“This is important for our community to have support for the families, for employers, and to promote a healthy dialogue about where people can get help and how,” Marco Palmeri, director of the Bristol-Burlington health district, said in the release.

The videos are available at bristolct.gov under the Opioid Community Crisis Information tab on the home page. The Mayor’s Facebook Page and the Police Facebook Page will also be spotlighting the various PSAs each week.