Bristol’s Joseph McGee is an author and filmmaker. Currently, he is shooting a movie around New England including Rockwell Park.

McGee, who is the driving force behind McGee Productions, began production of the film in June 2019.

The film takes place in 2015, where a man named Andy Tvardovsky is tangled in a web of lies from people he trusted. Tvardovsky gets tricked by the CEO of Red Star Telecommunications, who also controls the Russian Federation by using Red Star as a fake company, located in Hartford. Tvardovsky also gets tricked into getting injections to save his life, but is actually the subject of experiments by the Russian Government.

“We filmed in 20 degree weather exterior in Wallingford after it snowed. I’m hopeful the weather will behave between now and the end of January for the exterior shots,” said McGee.


This is not McGee’s first time making a movie. His first movie was called “Letters for Annie,” which came out in 2019. McGee also is an author, having released “Leadership Lessons” in 2016. The upcoming movie draws from a third of that book.

Special effects-makeup artist Phil-Skippy Adams applies fake blood to actor in production of the new film by Bristol’s Joseph McGee.

“I’m a graduate of Watertown High School, and in my senior year… my English teacher encouraged me to do something with my gift of writing,” said McGee. “I didn’t take her seriously until 2016 when I developed my first book. I realized that writing was my passion, but also felt it was important to show the audience what I was seeing when I wrote a story. I decided to turn my work into films in 2017.”

“Anything writing for me is the easiest,” said McGee.

But, he said, “Making the movie as a whole is much harder than making a novel – so many things are needed such as props, locations, etc.”

The movie, which has a cast of 70 local actors from throughout New England, including McGee himself, will premiere in local theaters across the states.

“In Connecticut, we are targeting the Strand Theater in Seymour, where we premiered ‘Letters for Annie’ in 2018. We also have our eyes on… Wallingford. In Massachusetts, we plan to premiere in Millbury, and Clinton.” McGee also is looking to premiere the film in Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.